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Thou mayst, syn thou hast wisdom and manhede, Assemblen alle the folk of oure kynrede, And make a werre so sharp on this citee, That by sore aventure or some tretee Thow mayst have hire to lady and to wyf For whom that I moste nedes lese my lyf.
The sons die without heirs, with 'neyther sone ne doughter ne none other of the kynrede yt might enheryte ye londe', and the kingdom plunges into fifty years of civil war.
34) A similar willingness to acknowledge continuity or congruence between ordinary and saintly lives, and between life inside and outside the cloister, is reflected in the specification that all relatives of the nuns, even those who had not requested it, were included in the monastery's confraternity and thus benefited from its prayers: "Oure own carnal faders and moders, brethren and sustres, and other of our nygh kynrede, be brethren and sustres by our entres into thys religion, and schal haue the same suffrages that other haue, thof they neuer aske by themselfe, for to be of our fraternite.