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An ancient Greek city of Cyrenaica. Founded c. 630 bc, it was noted as an intellectual center with distinguished schools of medicine and philosophy.


(Placename) an ancient Greek city of N Africa, near the coast of Cyrenaica: famous for its medical school


(saɪˈri ni)

an ancient Greek city in N Africa, in Cyrenaica.


[saɪˈriːnɪ] n Simon of Cyreneil Cireneo
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Die Entwicklung der agora von Kyrene als Beispiel fur die Monumentalisierung des offentlichen Raums, in Forum Archaeologiae 40/IX/2006, Wien [interaktyvus], [ziureta 2012 m.
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com), a provider of IT systems management solutions, today announced that Kyrene School District has purchased an additional 1,500 licenses of Adaptiva Green Planet PC power management software.
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At the Kyrene de los Ninos Elementary School in Tempe, Arizona, the college-prep culture is evident from the pennants that adorn the school's lobby to the visits by college students who share their experiences and advice on degrees and paying for college.
5) What is clear from the citations and fragments, though, is that the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women is a song on mortal women who lay with gods and bore demigods and heroes, and includes in its celebration Alkmene, Atalante, Demodike, Europe, Io, Kallisto, Koronis, Kyrene, Mestra, Niobe, Pyrrha, Semele, Tyro, and other famous women of antiquity.
WAS BORN IN THE NORTH African port city of Kyrene and moved as young man to Alexandria, where he became one of the most important and admired literary figures of his time, exercising a notable influence on Greek and Roman poetry.
Beck is a former early childhood multiage teacher, Kyrene Public Schools, Phoenix, Arizona.
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Her devastated parents Iain, 29, and Kyrene, 28, were last night being comforted by relatives.
For example, students at Kyrene Centennial Middle School, which won last fall's statewide competition in Arizona, chose as their subject: "The Quality of Human Growth and Development in AIDS Education.
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