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the capital of the Tuva Autonomous Republic, in the S Russian Federation in Asia. 80,000. Russian, Krasny.
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Exploration upside: The Kyzyl Project offers further substantial potential of additions to existing reserves, through resource-to-reserve conversion at Bakyrchik from additional Inferred Resources of 2.
In 2007, AMMC completed the reconstruction of the existing ores at the Kyzyl Olma and Kochbulak fields in Tashkent oblast with a total value of $49.
It came down near the village of Kyzyl Tu about 5 km (3 miles) from Almaty's airport.
KYZYL, Tuva -- The world's largest Buddhist mantra, "written" with stones placed on one side of Dogee Mountain just outside the capital of this small Central Asian nation, was blessed Sept.
Open Competition: Providing Construction Supervision Of The Execution Of Construction And Installation Works On The Project Reconstruction Of The Airport Complex Kyzyl (Kyzyl)
7, occurred on December 27, 2011, 100 kilometers east of Kyzyl, at the depth of ten kilometers.
Open Competition: Development of the project documentation for the project: Reconstruction of the refueling complex Kyzyl airport
Open Competition: Overhaul of the bridge across the river at km Karinzyul 574 + 596 of M-54 "Yenisei" of the Krasnoyarsk through Abakan, Kyzyl to the border with Mongolia (development of working documentation)