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A sport or athletic activity in which the participant seeks to move quickly and fluidly through an area, often an urban locale, by surmounting obstacles such as walls and railings and leaping across open spaces, as in a stairwell or between buildings.

[French, from respelling of parcours, course (as in parcours du combattant, obstacle course (literally, "combatant's course")), from Old French, right to drive animals in an area, route, from Medieval Latin percursus, from past participle of Latin percurrere, to run through, rove; see percurrent.]


(Gymnastics) the sport or activity of running through urban areas while performing various gymnastic manoeuvres over or on man-made obstacles such as walls and buildings. Also called: free running
[C20: from French parcour, used by the creators of the activity to mean 'obstacle course']
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L'ambiance a, certes, pris un cran devant les epoustouflantes acrobaties des [beaucoup moins que] Danseurs Fantastiques [beaucoup plus grand que] l'art du deplacement, le parcours a la dance hip-hop, mais c'est l'apparition du fils adore de l'Algerie, Ramzy, qui a subjugue le public.
Parkour, also known as l'art du deplacement (the art of displacement) or freerunning, is a physical discipline that originated in France; it involves training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment.

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