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 (ə-răb′ə-nōs′, ăr′ə-bə-)
A pentose sugar, C5H10O5, obtained from plant polysaccharides such as gums and hemicelluloses.

[(gum) arab(ic) + -in + -ose.]


(əˈræbɪˌnəʊz; -ˌnəʊs)
(Elements & Compounds) a pentose sugar in plant gums, esp of cedars and pines. It is used as a culture medium in bacteriology. Formula: C5H10O5
[C19: from arabin (from (gum) arab(ic) + -in) + -ose2]


(əˈræb əˌnoʊs)

a white, crystalline solid, C5H10O5, used esp. as a culture medium in bacteriology.
[1880–85; arabin the soluble essence of certain gums = ((gum) arab(ic) + -in1) + -ose2]
a•rab`i•nos′ic (-ˈnɒs ɪk) adj.
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A combination of l-arabinose and chromium lowers circulating glucose and insulin levels after an acute oral sucrose challenge.
Pharmachem's other products with healthy aging potential include: Lactium (milk casein), which contains a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties that regulate stress naturally; Prenulin, intended for blood sugar support, is a proprietary combination of L-arabinose (derived from corn) and Chromax brand chromium picolinate.
The results of biochemical analyses using the API 50CHB kit revealed that the SG-01, SG-02, and SG-03 strains were biochemically unique based on the utilization of L-arabinose, fructose, inositol, melibiose, sucrose, raffinose, and glycogen (Table 1).
Recombinant proteins are induced by adding L-Arabinose to the medium.
1 [micro]M - Spor shape-circular - Wollen sporangium - Anaerob growth + Voges proskauer - 8/6: PH Growth at nutrient broth pH + 7/5: PH wth at nutrient broth pH + Strach hydrolysis - Gelatin hyarolysis + Nitrate reduction - Growth at 40 c + Growth at 50 c + Utilization of: Citrate + D(+)Glucose + L-Arabinose + D-Xylose + D-Mannitol + Table 8: Used tests to identifing Pseudomonas fluorescens (Shaad et al.
2]S on triple sugar iron 0 - Voges-Proskauer 0 - Lysine decarboxylase 100 + Ornithine decarboxylase 100 + Arginine dihydrolase 0 - Glucose, acid 100 + Glucose, gas 100 + Acid from Adonitol 0 - L-arabinose 100 + Cellobiose 0 - Dulcitol 0 - Myo-inositol 0 - Lactose 3.
The strain was able to utilize many carbon sources like L-arabinose, mesoinositol, D-xylose, manitol, D-fructose, L-rhamnose, D-lactose, D-mellibiose, xylan, D-ribose, malonate and adipate.
Introduction of L-Arabinose for prevention and improvement of obesity
Block the absorption of excess starch and sugar -- with white kidney bean extract and L-arabinose
It is a high-molecular-weight complex acid polysaccharide and is composed of L-arabinose, D-galactose, D-mannose, D-xylose and D-glucuronic acid.
Tokyo, Japan, May 11, 2006 - (JCN) - Unitika announced on May 9 the results of its recent research on L-arabinose, a monosaccharide extracted from sugar beet.
A variation on this strategy is the administration of nonfermentable sugars (prebiotics) such as sorbitol, L-arabinose, trehalose, and rhamnose, through feed or water, which favors growth of non-pathogenic microbial populations in the rumen.