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Adj.1.L-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter L
formed - having or given a form or shape
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O'Beirne's special dissection of a 3 x 3 x 3 cube into nine bent, or L-shaped, tri-cubes (example Figure 2).
Featuring fully framed, welded wire, the protective panels attach to existing uprights with either L-shaped or sleeve brackets.
Designed by Aedas, the open-plan, L-shaped office complex will house 2,300 ALJ employees once completed.
The L-shaped form of the building appears to float 60 feet above Rockefeller Road.
The property has both period and modern features, including a Victorian tiled porch with the original etched glass door and side panels, living room with an brick recess fireplace, dining room, modern kitchen and L-shaped family bathroom.
For example, the second floor, besides two good-sized double bedrooms with wardrobes and original features like beamed ceilings, and a bathroom, also has its own spacious L-shaped lounge area with a leaded light window.
The model features an aggressive front end that includes an exaggerated spindle grille and 'floating' L-shaped daytime running lights and a rear end with oversized L-shaped taillights.
The Purse Defender system comes complete with the L-Shaped panel, a CrossBreed handcrafted Modular Holster and an extra piece of Velcro for outside-the-purse applications.
Plans show the L-shaped annexe next to the main house and big garden at Peters' home in Sussex.
In [5], an L-shaped slot is embedded in the ground plane for CP characteristics and improving its impedance.
In some papers [8-11], L-shaped strip feeding structure acts merely as an impedance matching technique because the capacity introduced by L-shaped strip can compensate the long inductive probe when thick substrate is adopted.
This home has many original features and benefits from a large L-shaped extension to the rear and side.