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a. learning disability
b. learning-disabled
2. lethal dose


abbreviation for


abbreviation for
Lord (title)


abbreviation for
1. (Pharmacology) lethal dosage: usually used with a subscript numeral showing what percentage of a test group of animals dies as a result of either being given a substance being tested on them or being exposed to ionizing radiation, esp in the median lethal dose: LD50.
2. (Languages) Low Dutch


1. praise (be) to God.
[< Latin laus Deō]
2. lethal dose.
3. long distance (telephone call).
4. (in Libya) dinar.


1. limited.
2. Lord.




median lethal dose.
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On day 1, sperm from diazinon-treated mice showed increased DNA breakages and reduced chromatin packaging, whilst DNA damage increased only in the diazinon 2/3 LD50 group.
0 (2007) was used to calculate LD50 values of each sample for brine shrimp toxicity assay and anti-leishmanial activity.
Acute toxicity test: In the repeated acute toxicity tests, no mouse was found died, which indicated that the LD50 of ZQE was greater than 5,000 mg/kg.
For 2,4,5-trichlorophenol LD50 is much higher and is of 820 mg/kg of body weight, .
Experimental design: Based on the reported oral LD50 of Lead acetate for Wistar rats by Sujatha et al.
However, soranjidiol and soranjidiol 1-methyl ether were more photodynamically active for to reach LD50, 37 [micro]M and 29.
Studies on wild-type mice found that intraperitoneal injection at one-tenth of LD50 could induce the oxidative stress and couldn't kill the animal (Fu et al.
A computer program for estimating LD50 and its confidence limits using modified Behrens-Reed-Muench cumulant method.
EDs by road IP (179,9 mg ZnSO4, ~13 mg of Zn) can be hypothesized as a LD50 to rats in PN 68.
LD50, a classification of acute ingestion toxicity, determined Suntheanine to be greater than 5,000 mg/kg, causing no "significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury.
Labour PLEDGED "to ban the LD50 test", an unnecessary and brutal procedure in which animals are stuffed with a lethal dose of chemicals until half of them die, often horribly.