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Pierre Charles, 1754–1825, U.S. engineer and architect, born in France: designer of Washington, D.C.
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The SWBID RFI hopes to result in a first-mile, last-mile autonomous vehicle pilot program along 10th Street, SW, adjacent to LEnfant Plaza.
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Subsequently, considering that Colombia to date may be characterized a post-conflict territory or in transit to it, and that companies must play a vital role in this process, the present work looks for hints to understand if the main CSR practices and the reports generated by companies could be an instrument or antecedent to Pro-Peace activities (Guaqueta, 2006; Kolk and Lenfant, 2015; Oetzel, Westermann, Koerber, Fort and Rivera, 2010).
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Variables recueillies et considerees a chaque temps de collecte de donnees et les coefficients alpha Variables Temps de collecte Volet 1 Volet 2 Volet 3 (1998) (1999) (2000) 5 mois 17 mois 29 mois Variables categorielles Sante de lenfant a 5 mois X * * Age mere a la naissance de l'enfant X * * Comportements antisociaux mere X * * Scolarite mere X X X Statut familial X X X Faible revenu X X X Variables continues Temperament difficile X (.
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