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Pierre Charles, 1754–1825, U.S. engineer and architect, born in France: designer of Washington, D.C.
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Dominique Lenfant argues in her paper that Ctesias' claim in the Indika that there was an eternal flame near Phaselis in Lycia was not a reference to a volcano but to a still visible phenomenon in that area caused by the ignition of escaping natural gas.
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Part of a [pounds sterling] 3m integrated marketing campaign, the Chedd Off is a simple online target and shoot game for children aimed at making the cheese snack "fun and interactive", says Virginie Lenfant, Dairy Crest group brand manager, kids.
Though no one has been comparably rude about Ravel's two operas, L'Heure Espagnole and LEnfant et les Sortileges (the latter to words by Colette), these--like Pelleas--are very much "caviar to the general," their exquisite harmonic and instrumental trellis-work being as far from grand Verdian or Puccinian gestures as can be imagined.
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In a Mar 10, 1999, Congressional hearing, Claude Lenfant stated:
LENFANT, C 2001: Can we prevent cardiovascular diseases in low- and middle-income countries?
Sadly they did not learn Amelie had found love with Frenchman, Olivier Lenfant, until after her death.