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Senet, a Network as a Service (NaaS) M2M operator based in New Hampshire, is currently installing 20,000 Semtech LoRa sensors with IBM's LRSC software to track the fuel levels of propane and oil tanks located at residences and businesses on the west and east coasts of the United States.
Figure 1 is a map showing the location and numbers of students enrolled at UND and at LRSC.
The development of partnerships between the SMHS, North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education, and LRSC provided a mechanism to market the course to a wider audience and to gain acceptance in the various rural communities in the state.
Their tasks were to refine the mission, identify the specific operational requirements, and establish a presence for the LRSC.
Seniors: J Osu (Wavetree) Wpts Mike Philips (Merseypark); Matt Howson LRSC 1S Hingham (Tower Hill); Kris Camponi Lpts C Shepherd (Long Lane).