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abbreviation for
long-term relationship: used in lonely hearts columns and personal advertisements


1. letter.
2. lighter.


long-term relationship.
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In honor of National Playground Safety Week (April 25-29), LTR Products, manufacturer of Pinnacle Rubber Mulch, is offering some tips and advice for how to make playgrounds safer this spring and all year long.
Mische: "Michael brings the experience, maturity and business acumen necessary to help LTR achieve its goals and optimize its shareholder value.
Surprisingly, until the arrival of LTR there was no dominant recovery brand.
This type of mass awareness has elevated the demand for interventionists and LTR is perfectly positioned to capitalize with its own intervention business model.
This is a place where children and their families can escape the pain and pressures that come with having a serious illness, and can simply be free to enjoy a fun camp experience," said Brad Pittam, general manager, LTR Products.
We are pleased to help the Arsenal Family and Children's Center renovate its playground and ensure that children have a safe play environment," said Brad Pittam, general manager, LTR Products.
Where society was once reticent about addiction, alcoholism and recovery, LTR has taken its leading edge concepts public with a viable model for the profitable delivery of recovery services and an attractive platform for financial participation from the investment community which creates tangible shareholder value.
LTR Products is helping to make this new playground project possible by providing the SMARTE System, a playground safety surface created from recycled tire rubber.
Pinnacle Rubber Mulch offers a true value proposition for homeowners, businesses, parks and playgrounds in Houston," said Brad Pittam, general manager of LTR Products.
Chris has an extensive knowledge of retail account management and a background in the playground surfacing industry," said Brad Pittam, general manager of LTR Products.
The LTR radio service operates on 450MHz spectrum and includes voice, data and voice mail capabilities.
The demand for sustainable building product alternatives has spread beyond the four walls," said Brad Pittam, general manager of LTR Products.