La Follette

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La Fol·lette

 (lə fŏl′ət), Robert Marion Known as "Fighting Bob." 1855-1925.
American politician and reformer who served as a US senator from Wisconsin (1906-1925). In 1924 he ran unsuccessfully for president on the Progressive Party ticket.

La Fol•lette

(lə ˈfɒl ɪt)
Robert Marion, 1855–1925, U.S. politician.
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If he had paid more attention to the deeply conservative values of La Follette and Taft, he might not have staffed his administration with Nixon retreads and Rockefeller allies while snubbing real Reaganites like Phyllis Schlafly, John Ashbrook, and Jesse Helms.
The founder of The Progressive, Senator Robert La Follette of Wisconsin, took pains to insist upon the right of Congress to exercise its constitutional duties in wartime.
Although not as well known as his father Senator "Fighting Bob" La Follette, second son Philip (1897-1965) continued in the progressive footsteps of his father as a three-term governor of Wisconsin and as the founder of the National Progressives of America.
Though never a classroom student of Ely's, La Follette always referred to Ely as his teacher and as the molder of the Wisconsin Idea.
Editor's note: This article was adapted with permission of the La Follette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
She joined the Socialist party, and later worked on the Progressive party campaign of Robert La Follette but progressivism was dead; women as a group had limited success in building on the achievements of suffrage and American politics had become far more conservative.
La Follette, the radical foe of American empire and concentrated wealth who served as Wisconsin's senator in the first decades of this century.
Park plans a trip home to Tennessee this summer, to visit her boyfriend, Doug Murray, in La Follette, and to continue their fight for the environment.
With a wine portfolio that includes Dry Creek Vineyard, La Follette Wines, Quivira Vineyards, Toad Hollow Vineyards, Torbreck Wines and Steelhead Vineyards, V2 is dedicated to building strong, innovative wine brands in the North American marketplace.
com/) will offer nearly 100 students from Madison's La Follette and East High Schools an opportunity to see first hand the tremendous career opportunities offered by manufacturing.
Tailgunner Joe, it must be remembered, ran as an internationalist and interventionist against the incumbent he defeated, antiwar isolationist Wisconsin Senator Robert La Follette Jr.
A few people, such as 11-year-old Teddy La Follette, don't have autism, but are a part of the production to support a friend or sibling who does.