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Requiring or having a large expenditure of labor in comparison to capital: "Intrigue and subversion are labor-intensive undertakings" (George F. Kennan).


requiring a large supply of labor relative to the need for capital. Compare capital-intensive.
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Adj.1.labor-intensive - requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital; "cottage industries are labor intensive"
effortful - requiring great physical effort
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Project Description : The project will rapidly generate demand for youth labor using local resource and labor intensive approaches to contribute to a modern infrastructure and utilities for rural and urban populations.
In this way, whereas the employment share of highly-skilled labor intensive manufactures fell from 5.
Compared with traditional thermoforming, drape forming is relatively simple, "low-tech," and more labor intensive.
The most labor intensive area of the foundry is the Cleaning Room.
DVD and CD duplication is less labor intensive with these automated towers that hold 100 and 1,000 discs, respectively.
A 401(k) plan is labor intensive at the employer level relative to traditional retirement plans.
is developing machinery to reduce workload in labor intensive areas and replace humans in difficult or dangerous situations--namely, an aircraft carrier's flight deck.
In the period before the landmark preservation movement, it was common practice to 'modernize' historic elements by replacing them with newer, less labor intensive materials and finishes.
labor intensive, slow, ergonomically questionable and costly).
Why you should care: FlexSeal 2520 features an integral hook and loop closure along its edges that eliminates the labor intensive process of taping the convolute after the wire harness has been inserted.