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1. The automatic operation or control of equipment, a process, or a system.
2. The techniques and equipment used to achieve automatic operation or control.
3. The condition of being automatically controlled or operated.

[From automatic.]

au′to·ma′tive adj.


1. (General Engineering) the use of methods for controlling industrial processes automatically, esp by electronically controlled systems, often reducing manpower
2. (General Engineering) the extent to which a process is so controlled


(ˌɔ təˈmeɪ ʃən)

1. the technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.
2. the act or process of automating or making automatic.
3. the state of being automated.
[1945–50; autom (atic oper) ation]


the use or care of automobiles. — automobilist, n.automobility, n.
1. the science or study of how man and animals perform tasks and solve certain types of problems involving use of the body.
2. the application of this study to the design of computer-driven and other automated equipment.
3. the application of this study to the design of artificial limbs, organs, and other prosthetic devices. — bionic, adj.
the jargon or language typical of those involved with computers.
the comparative study of complex electronic devices and the nervous system in an attempt to understand better the nature of the human brain. — cyberneticist, n.cybernetic, adj.
the application of automated machinery to tasks traditionally done by hand, as in manufacturing.
the use of automated machinery or manlike mechanical devices to perform tasks. — robotistic, adj.
a closed-circuit feedback system used in the automatic control of machines, involving an error-sensor using a small amount of energy, an amplifier, and a servomotor dispensing large amounts of power. Also called servo. — servomechanical, adj.
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Noun1.automation - the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technologyautomation - the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced technology; usually involving electronic hardware; "automation replaces human workers by machines"
computerization, cybernation - the control of processes by computer
high tech, high technology - highly advanced technological development (especially in electronics)
2.automation - the condition of being automatically operated or controlled; "automation increases productivity"
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
3.automation - equipment used to achieve automatic control or operationautomation - equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation; "this factory floor is a showcase for automation and robotic equipment"
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
أوتوماتِيَّه: تَشْغيل آلي
òaî aî koma á sjálfvirkni, sjálfvirkni


[ˌɔːtəˈmeɪʃən] Nautomatización f


[ˌɔːtəˈmeɪʃən] nautomatisation f



[ˌɔːtəˈmeɪʃn] nautomazione f


(oːtəˈmatik) adjective
1. (of a machine etc) working by itself. an automatic washing-machine.
2. (of an action) without thinking. an automatic response.
a self-loading gun. He has two automatics and a rifle.
ˈautomated (-mei-) adjective
working by automation.
ˌautoˈmatically adverb
This machine works automatically; He answered automatically.
ˌautoˈmation noun
(in factories etc) the use of machines, especially to work other machines. Automation has resulted in people losing their jobs.
automaton (oːˈtomətən) plurals auˈtomata (-tə) , auˈtomatons noun
a human-shaped machine that can be operated to move by itself.
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A laboratory automation system with a seamless integration of the company's relative viscometer with the Zymark robotics hardware for complete automation of the solution viscosity testing process is available from the company.

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