Laboring oar

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the oar which requires most strength and exertion; often used figuratively; as, to have, or pull, the laboring oar in some difficult undertaking.

See also: Laboring

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Our job is to take the laboring oar on this process, negotiate against various landlords for the best possible deal and ensure that the lease terms are in line with our client's business goals.
Sutherland said the agency has been preparing to intervene in any appeal filed by Verizon and "row the laboring oar to support an appropriate decision by the Council, to no avail.
Our members row the laboring oar on getting the governance work done while supporting the boards and management at the companies they serve.
Other team members--your client, an investment banker or attorney--will be happy to take on the laboring oar.
He also said: "We in the regulatory community will have the laboring oar in creating new regulations [and, I would add, new enforcement policies].