a.1.Not involving labor; not laborious; easy.
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From the discussion of the work that Adam and Eve perform in Paradise Lost in chapter 5 ("The Revolutionary Garden," 224-26) to the fabulous and laborless garden devices that strikingly resemble chapter 3's account of the banqueting masque in The Tempest (149-52) to the political analysis of Richard II's garden scene in chapter 2 (84-90), there emerges in Literature and the Renaissance Garden a rich literary discourse around typologies of labor in garden design, management, and upkeep.
Bashkow*s wonderful book, The Meanings of Whitemen, on the perceptions of white men of the Orokaiva, a people living in the southeastern tip of Papua New Guinea, provides reason to believe that the perception of white people as essentially laborless was widespread.
today's ordinances and actions against the homeless minor the kind of treatment afforded the marginalized population who suffered massive unemployment and poverty when mass migrations of laborless people started during the emergence of commercial capitalism some five centuries ago.