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A hybrid dog that is a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle.

[Blend of Labrador retriever and poodle.]


(Breeds) a type of dog that is a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle
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Labradoodle Dandy is dark brown in colour and pours with a thick, long-lasting light beige head.
MEET Maisie, the very special miniature labradoodle.
A special mention to Amber the labradoodle, a show stealer as Sandy.
Honey B the miniature labradoodle and her brother Bumble have proved so popular with fans of the social media site that she's become a doggy ambassador CeleBs less than for various US canine brands.
The three-month-old miniature labradoodle has been trained to ensure he adapts to his new role and way of life as part of the hotel's reception team.
Compared to the atom bomb, the hypoallergenic labradoodle might seem comical but, as Mr Conron, the dog breeder who created it, says: "I've done a lot of damage".
A Virginia Labradoodle named Charles is already famous in his home town of Norfolk, Va.
ASHAMED cosmetic surgeon failed to liaise with health watchdogs over his employment because he was "pre-occupied" with Labradoodle puppy breeding, a panel has heard.
However, I feel you're overdoing it by bathing your labradoodle so much and may be making the condition worse by washing out the natural oils, leaving skin dry and flaky.
William, a 15-month-old labradoodle, has joined the team as their first ever Search and Rescue (SAR) dog.
President-elect recently revealed that his family would either own a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog.