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An ornament inserted into a perforation in the lip.

[Latin labrum, lip; see leb- in Indo-European roots + -et.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a piece of bone, shell, etc; inserted into the lip as an ornament by certain peoples
[C19: from Latin labrum lip]


(ˈleɪ brɛt)

an ornament worn in a hole pierced in the lip.
[1855–60; < Latin labr(um) lip + -et]
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These Tapuias had labrets in the lower lip and in the upper one, and in the ears round holes in which some bits of wood were attached, which made them seem very large ears; their hair was cut from the top of the head, leaving some long hairs here and there, which were bound below the forehead.
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In comparing the physical appearance of young Haida with their elders, Dawson concluded that 'traditional' body modification--particularly tattooing and the insertion of wooden or bone labrets into the bottom lips of females--was also on the decline.
Moreover, in cases in which labrets are discovered in burials, they are often readily identifiable because the teeth of the interred reveal distinctive abrasions (Torres-Rouf 2003).
Data was also collected on cultural modifications of the body, which manifest archaeologically in the Atacama as cranial modification and the use of labrets (lip plugs); these practices respond to changes in the social environment.
Second is Maimeche culture, of more local roots, with a derivative, net-impressed ceramic design (and also with the clear presence of lip ornaments or labrets, generally rare in Siberia).
El examen minucioso de los tejidos blandos y duros que conforman el sistema estomatognatico brinda evidencia fisica que contribuye a establecer la identidad de una persona (16), lo que incluye habitos individuales y ocupacionales como fumar pipa, limpieza de los dientes con espinas de pescado, sostener puntillas en la boca, piercing y labrets en labios, lengua y carrillos, sostener fibras textiles durante el tejido manual, etc.
With increasing breadth, for example, would come a decrease in boundary maintenance, as evident in stylistic attributes of artifacts such as labrets.
Personal ornaments like labrets, houses, and burial monuments were described, but there was little understanding of Tlingit culture.
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During the subsequent Norton phase of Bering Sea prehistory, communication with peoples of the western Gulf of Alaska is indicated by shared artifact types such as labrets and toggling harpoons (D.
Abundant fishing weights (Late and Early); toggle harpoon and labrets appear Less elaborated than Late Kachemak ; cobble industry (spall tools, etc.