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An ornament inserted into a perforation in the lip.

[Latin labrum, lip; see leb- in Indo-European roots + -et.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a piece of bone, shell, etc; inserted into the lip as an ornament by certain peoples
[C19: from Latin labrum lip]


(ˈleɪ brɛt)

an ornament worn in a hole pierced in the lip.
[1855–60; < Latin labr(um) lip + -et]
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Eleven labrets, many bone and shell beads of varying sizes, and several grinding stones were also associated with this surface (Figure 10b) (Smith & Perez Arias 2007).
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Moreover, in cases in which labrets are discovered in burials, they are often readily identifiable because the teeth of the interred reveal distinctive abrasions (Torres-Rouf 2003).
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