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Noun1.Labridae - wrasses
fish family - any of various families of fish
order Perciformes, order Percomorphi, Perciformes, Percomorphi - one of the largest natural groups of fishes of both marine and fresh water: true perches; basses; tuna
Achoerodus, genus Achoerodus - a genus of Labridae
genus Lachnolaimus, Lachnolaimus - a genus of Labridae
genus Halicoeres, Halicoeres - a genus of Labridae
genus Thalassoma, Thalassoma - a genus of Labridae
genus Tautogolabrus, Tautogolabrus - a genus of Labridae
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According to a statement by the ministry, these are rare species of the fish hailing from a family scientifically known as Labridae or Coris Formosa.
An annotated checklist of the species of the Labroid fish families Labridae and Scaridae.
The term "hog snapper" gets a lot of misuse, but the hogfish is actually a wrasse, with membership in the Labridae family.
Although Jordan only has a coastline of 15 miles at the north end of the Red Sea, it offers fantastic coral reefs, colourful marine life as well as turtles and Napoleon wrasse, the largest living member of the family Labridae, with males reaching lengths of 2 metres.
Number of Family Common name species Opistognathidae jawfishes 1 Priacanthidae bigeyes 2 Holocentridae squirrelfishes 1 Pomacanthidae angelfishes 5 Balistidae triggerfishes 3 Pomacentridae damselfishes 5 Labridae wrasses 7 Serranidae sea basses and groupers 23 Chaetodontidae butterflyfishes 3 Malacanthidae tilefishes 2 Sparidae porgies 6 Acanthuridae surgeonfishes 3 Haemulidae grunts 4 Lutjanidae snappers 7 Scaridae parrotfishes 4 Tetraodontidae puffers 2 Mullidae goatfishes 2 Muraenidae morays 2 Carangidae jacks 6 Sphyraenidae barracudas 1 Scombridae mackerels 1 Mean Mean Probability duration number of of being Family (s) individuals seen in video Opistognathidae 504 22 1.
Taxonomy, marine fishes, Cirrhilabrus, new species, Labridae, Kalimantan, Indonesia
1984) Fishing Area Family Atlantic Ocean Hemiramphidae Hemiramphidae Belonidae Excoetidae Balistidae Carangidae Clupeidae Hemiramphidae Kyphosidae Labridae Florida Bay Hemiramphidae Hemiramphidae Belonidae Clupeidae Sparidae Belonidae Hemiramphidae Carangidae Gerreidae Haemulidae Ostraciidae Sphyraenidae Tetradontidae Fishing area Common name Atlantic Ocean Ballyhoo Balao Needlefishes Flyingfishes Leatherjackets Jacks Herrings Smallwing flyingfish Sea chubs Wrasses Florida Bay Ballyhoo Silverstripe halfbreak Herrings Porgies Needlefishes Hardhead halfbreak Jacks Mojarras Grunts Boxfishes Barracudas Puffers Fishing area Frequency n Percentage Atlantic Ocean 185 15,280 70.
Enumerating reef fish from video footage was not attempted since only video site #1 provided footage adequate for enumerations; however, members of reef fish families Pomacentridae, Labridae, and Scaridae were abundant at all 3 video sites.
Unidentified anglefish Pomacentridae, Damselfishes 119 Abudefduf saxatilis Sergeant major Labridae, Wrasses 120 Bodianus rufus Spanish hogfish 121 Halichoeres bivittatus Slippery dick 122 Halichoeres radiatus Puddingwife 123 Halichoeres spp.