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 (lə-kän′, lä-käN′), Jacques-Marie Émile 1901-1981.
French psychiatrist who was an early adherent and interpreter of Freud's theories in France, but whose own theoretical and clinical work diverged greatly from Freud's. His collection of essays and lectures Écrits (1966) greatly influenced linguistics and literary theory.


(French lakɑ̃)
(Biography) Jacques (ʒak). 1901–81, French psychoanalyst, who reinterpreted Freud in terms of structural linguistics: an important influence on poststructuralist thought


(ləˈkɑ̃, -ˈkɑn)
Jacques, 1901–81, French philosopher and psychoanalyst.
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Speaking about human beings, Lacan, without a doubt, considered the mother to be greatest guide in terms of the desire, who becomes the mirror for the desires of the infant, however when we refer to the subject of the sociopolitical reality, we can assuredly raise the question: who stands for the mother here?
Formal Structure (Lacan XX 17 and Lacan, Milan Lecture)
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Zizek refers endlessly and devotedly to Lacan, Lacanians, and the Lacanian as with "Lacan's brilliant interpretation," "Lacan's famous two restroom doors observed by two children from the train window," "THE POINT IS AS LACAN PUTS IT," "THE LACANIAN 'TITLE OF THE LETTER,'" "the Lacanian objet a," and again, and again, and again.
Lacan argues that in the psychosomatic a "signifying induction at the level of the subject [occurs] in a way that does not bring into play the aphanisis of the subject" (Fundamental 227).
In this respect it seems more in tune with AI attitudes contemporaneous with Lacan.
This "magnitude" serves as what Lacan would call le point de capiton or "quilting point" (Ecrits 681), an entity which, in its consummate shapeshifting, provides a "container" for society's divergent and inconsistent fears, anchoring them.
On this point Lacan is clear when he argues that the thing ["la chose"], although necessary to artistic production, and therefore the language of poetry and art in general, is external to it.
Jacques Lacan, "The Subversion of the Subject and the Dialectic of Desire in the Freudian Unconscious," Ecrits, trans.
or] the disjunction of the sexual relationship," a disjunction supposedly caused by an obstacle that Lacan calls the "phallic signifier.
So 'n bemoeienis loop sy aan sy met die van Jacques Lacan en is meer spesiflek verwant aan sy verwerking van die konsep sublimasie.
Essa possivel comunicacao que aqui se afirma se deve ao fato de que Lacan toma por emprestimo conceitos da obra saussuriana para a elaboracao de seu aparato teorico.