Laccadive Islands

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Lac·ca·dive Islands

 (lăk′ə-dīv′, lä′kə-dēv′)
A group of islands and coral reefs in the Arabian Sea off the southwest coast of India. The islands are now part of the Indian union territory of Lakshadweep.

Lac′ca•dive Is′lands

(ˈlɑ kəˌdiv, ˈlæk ə-)
a group of islands and coral reefs in the Arabian Sea, off the SW coast of India. ab. 7 sq. mi. (18 sq. km).
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The coastline of India is important, but the nation also needs to know if her offshore territories, notably the Andaman Islands and Laccadive islands, are safe and protected.
10 The Laccadive islands are part of which country?
Generally, rounding Cape Comorin in either direction required an intimate knowledge of geographical and weather conditions; the dangers hidden below the surface of the sea were tremendous - nearly as many as in the case of the Maldive and Laccadive Islands.