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 (lə-shēn′, lä-)
A borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on the south bank of Montreal Island. It was first settled as an estate by Sieur La Salle in 1668 and named for his futile dream of finding a westward passage to China.
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The married officers live out of barracks, and the Colonel has during all this time occupied a villa called Lachine, about half a mile from the north camp.
Now for the events at Lachine between nine and ten on the evening of last Monday.
There is a room which is used as a morning-room at Lachine.
At noon we went on board another steamboat, and reached the village of Lachine, nine miles from Montreal, by three o'clock.
In 1946, she entered the novitiate of the Sisters of Saint Anne in Lachine, Quebec, and professed vows in 1948.
Au programme figuraient egalement plusieurs ateliers de formation consacres aux techniques de realisation, de photographie, de montage et d'ecriture de scenario qu'ont encadres les realisateurs egyptiens Hani Lachine et Oussama Gharib et le directeur du tournage Samir Farah, outre l'acteur Sameh Sriti.
Then, after a move to neighbouring Lachine, she became a member of the guild at St.
As Belgium prepares to become the first country in the world to enact a law permitting euthanasia of children, Jessica Saba, 4, of Lachine, Quebec Canada asks the King of Belgium to refuse to sign the legislation.
Selon le coordinateur du Mouvement, Mohamed Lachine, nombre de ressortissants egyptiens aux USA et dans des pays europeens ont appele les membres du mouvement a se rendre a l'etranger pour informer ces pays sur la revolution du 30 juin ecartant ainsi tous les qualificatifs errones de coup d'Etat.
For example, the Montreal chapter examines the "Lachine Canal Revitalization Project" in some detail, even though the case study encompassed other adjacent municipalities (like Lachine, of course).
Griffintown, along the Canal Lachine, was originally an Irish ghetto that drew other nationalities before becoming zoned as industrial.
L'exposition << L'echangeur Turcot entre ciel et terre >>, presentee a Montreal a la Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay entre janvier et mars 2010, nous livre le regard que le photographe Andre Denis porte sur le plus grand echangeur autoroutier du Quebec, dont l'impressionnante ossa-ture de beton surplombe le quartier Saint-Henri et le canal de Lachine a Montreal.