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Variant of lacrimation.


a variant spelling of lacrimation

lachrymation, Iacrimation

the act or process of shedding tears; weeping.
See also: Bodily Functions
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Noun1.lachrymation - shedding tearslachrymation - shedding tears      
bodily function, bodily process, body process, activity - an organic process that takes place in the body; "respiratory activity"
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5 kg) was presented with compliant of lacrymation from right eye with signs of discomfort for 10 days.
In 22 (44%) emotionally labile patients DMA exacerbation manifested in instability of emotional reactions, such as, lacrymation, acute spirit lowering after unpleasant conversations about drugs, irritability, diffidence of possibility to live heroin-free, while ability to be distracted from sad thoughts preserved.