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A region of Jammu and Kashmir in India and Pakistan on the border of China. The site of a Tibetan kingdom during the 1600s, it was annexed by the maharaja of Jammu in 1834.
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He seemed to know these hills as well as he knew the hill dialects, and gave the lama the lie of the land towards Ladakh and Tibet.
Ladakh could undertake a pilot project to manage its resources with help of a Knowledge Centre.
VILLAGERS in the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh have told for generations of the blood-soaked terror created by "Shaan - the grey ghost of the mountains" who would appear as if by magic at dawn or twilight.
Le Premier ministre indien Manmohan Singh s'est rendu hier mardi au Ladakh, dans les regions himalayennes devastees debut aout par les inondations, dans le nord de l'Inde, et a promis un soutien financier pour la reconstruction.
Summary: Rescue attempts are under way to reach hundreds of foreign tourists who are stranded in India's Himalayan region of Ladakh.
Heavy rains have hampered efforts to reach victims of flash floods that devastated the Ladakh region of Indian-controlled Kashmir.
The Airforce, as part of its forward policy, has already recommissioned two airstrips at Daulat Begh Oldi near the Karakoram pass and at Fukche in central Ladakh and Niyoma would be the third airbase to come up.
The Indian government was trying to get emergency supplies to the area as winter stocks of fodder ran out after unusual snows covered pastures in the remote Ladakh region near Chinese border.
Beyond Lines of Control: Performance and Politics on the Disputed Borders of Ladakh, India, by Ravina Aggarwal.
Watercolour of the Maitreya temple, part of the fourteenth-century royal citadel of Tingmogang in Ladakh, from Tibetan Pilgrimage--Architecture of the Socred Land, by Michel Peissel, London: Abrams, 2005, [pounds sterling]19.
In 1975, Helena Norberg-Hodge, a gifted Swedish linguist, visited the northern tip of India, an area on the Himalayan plateau called Ladakh, to learn the unwritten language and collect folk tales.
Little Tibet" is what guidebooks call Ladakh, an ancient mountain kingdom in northernmost India's Jammu and Kashmir state.