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A region of Jammu and Kashmir in India and Pakistan on the border of China. The site of a Tibetan kingdom during the 1600s, it was annexed by the maharaja of Jammu in 1834.
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Ladakh and Baltistan are commonly perceived as an intrinsic part already of Ancient Tibet, and as such their distinct linguistic, cultural, and political history, the Indian and Iranian influences, have often been underestimated.
Since these geographical entities overlap with present-day Ladakh and Baltistan, I will also discuss the name that has erroneously be taken for the old name of Ladakh: Maryul (Old Tibetan Mard, Chinese Moluosuo, Sanskrit Suvarnabhu) as well as the origin of the name Ladvags.
As a result, the western and north-western regions, present-day Ladakh and Baltistan would have been discrete entities, although they never show up as such in the Old Tibetan documents.