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imp.1.imp. of Lead, to guide.
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Tenders are invited for Fabrication and supply of 64 Mand above working height Turn Table Ladde to be mounted on 8X4n S IV (Euro 4) chassis Qf j & puted make for fire filming and rescue operation with 5 years CSMC as per the specifications of Mumbai Fire Brigade.
Bullard TB, Rosenberg MS, Ladde J, Razack N, Villalobos HJ, Papa L.
But pou has leued ay like a ladde, And in sorowe as a simple knave.
pat birthe halde I badde; And certis, vnwitty men ze werre To lepe ouere lande to late a ladde.
My father put me firste to schoole, where, I a maister hadde: Of whom I had preceptes and strypes as fitted for a ladde.
To chaumber thai ladde him als biliue And bathed him, and schaued his berd, And tired him as a king apert; And seththen, with gret processioun, Thai brought the quen in-to the toun, With al maner menstraci.
Out of last year's finalists winner Aneurin Barnard, 16, will soon be seen on TV, starring in a new HTV drama called Jacob's Ladde r, .
It's like hockey skates and a sled in one," explains Tony Ladde, a sledge hockey player.
Recently a Generalized Variation of Constants Formula was developed by Ladde (1975), to study the qualitative behavior of solutions of perturbed ordinary differential equations.
And whanne crist hadde founden [thorn]e noble abbesse / and here holy couent he ladde hem in to paradys / and badde hem abide [thorn]ere til here abbey were newe / bylded [thorn]e ffadir of heuene is ffoundour of [thorn]is abbey [thorn]e / sone schal rewle it and make officers and sette euery la/dy in here degre after here dignite aske[thorn] and [thorn]e holygost / schal vysite it and comforte [thorn]e ladyes and see [thorn]at echone / of hem kepe wel here obseruaunce A jhesu mercy wher / may [thorn]is abbey and [thorn]is religioun best be ifounded certes / neuer so wel ne so semely as in a place [thorn]at is cleped / conscience.