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n.1.A little lad.
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With Ian Ladkin injured, the only goalkeeper that we have is Jordan King so we need to sign another one as cover.
The manager needs to engage feeling, take up an artful orientation and pay attention to the aesthetic dimensions of the organization (Taylor, Ladkin, & Statler, 2015).
Thus, innovation can be considered as a key leverage to develop and upgrade operations at hotels (Wong & Ladkin, 2008).
Ladkin (2006; 2011), Baum (2007; 2015), Lucas (2004) y previamente Riley et al.
Even people who want to be ethical organizational managers or leaders can find themselves accused of unethical behavior unless they have learned some practical skills, says Ladkin.
Todo ello afecta negativamente a las condiciones de trabajo (Alvarez Aledo, 1996; Airey y Frontistis, 1997; Baum, 1995, 2007; Garcia Pozo y otros, 2011; Ladkin y Riley, 1996; Lam, 2002; Lee y Kang, 1998; Lennon y Wood, 1989; Lever, 1987; Liu y Wall, 2005; Lucas, 2004; Pizam, 1999; Riley y Szivas, 2003; Riley, Ladkin y Szivas, 2002; Rodriguez Rodriguez y Arroyo Varela, 2000; Servicio Publico de Empleo Estatal, 2011; Sheldon, 1989; van den Berghe, 1992).
The issue of employee creativity in hospitality industry has been addressed by a number of researchers (Wong, Pang 2003; Wong, Ladkin 2008; Hon 2012; Slatten, Mehmetoglu 2011; Hon et al.
Research offers insights into the ethics of sustainable production, management, and consumption of the tourist experience (see Fennell, 2006; Miller and Twinning-Ward, 2005; Mowforth and Munt, 2009; Weeden, 2001); debates conceptualisations of ethics within tourism in general (see Fennell, 2006; Fleckenstein and Huebsch, 1999; MacBeth, 2005; Smith and Duffy, 2004); or explores opportunities for stakeholder empowerment (see Joppe, 1996; Ladkin and Bertramini, 2002; Li, 2006).
PHIL Ladkin of the Sutton Coldfield Pensioners' Convention said that rising prices are what is concerning most OAPs.
More should be done to help young and old' CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES Phil Ladkin from Sutton Coldfield Pensioners' Convention said that rising prices are what is concerning most pensioners.
We were attracted to the A320P2F for the capabilities it was offering, particularly with its 21-22-tonne payload," Russell Ladkin, sales and operations director of West Atlantic, said.