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 (lä′də-gə), Lake
A lake of northwest Russia northeast of St. Petersburg. It is the largest lake in Europe.


(Russian ˈladəɡə)
(Placename) Lake Ladoga a lake in NW Russia, in the SW Karelian Republic: the largest lake in Europe; drains through the River Neva into the Gulf of Finland. Area: about 18 000 sq km (7000 sq miles). Russian name: Ladozhskoye Ozero


(ˈlɑ də gə)

Lake, a lake in the Russian Federation, NE of St Petersburg: largest lake in Europe. 7000 sq. mi. (18,000 sq. km).
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Noun1.Ladoga - a lake in northwestern Russia to the north of St. Petersburg; the largest lake in Europe; drains through the Neva River into the Gulf of Finland
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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One example appears in her entry for 13 January 1942, shortly after Petr Popkov, chairman of the city executive committee, announced that the new ice road across Lake Ladoga would reconnect Leningrad by rail to the "mainland" and alleviate hunger.
They reflect the processes of the Veps settlement between Lakes Ladoga, Onego and Beloje.
The wooded terrain north of Lake Ladoga was the scene of devastating raids by Finnish skitroopers that caught the world's imagination during the winter of 1939-40.
According to Malaparte, these animals are subjects of history on their own; the frozen horses on Lake Ladoga, the dogs exterminated by the Nazis in Ukraine, or the salmon engaging in a virile but unequal fight with an armed German official in Finland are the agents of stories expressing human aberration and hybris.
The Kievan Rus founded settlements along and around Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga where the local Slavic people were subject to raids of plunder along with benefitting from trade with the Nordic adventurers.
In the introduction Kleingartner, Rossignol and Wehner outline the regions within the study area, which stretched from the lands of the western Slavs in the Elbe area to Livonia and Staraia Ladoga in the northeast and Hungary in the south, and propose to offer an approach which can be used as a theoretical foundation for future interdisciplinary research into historic landscapes.
Several authors refer to Staraya Ladoga as a kind of centre for Finnic groups in the Viking Age, and consider regions east of present-day Estonia as central habitation areas for Finnic groups as well.
One of Europe's last true wildernesses, its pristine pine and birch forests are home to bear, wolf and wolverine, while the eastern, Russian part of Karelia contains the two largest bodies of water in Europe--Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega.
Pearl mussels also occurred in various rivers that spilled into Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega (particularly the terminus of the Kumsa, Oster and Vodla Rivers; see Ivanter and Kuznetsov, 1995; S.
For some sections of Ladoga and smaller nearby lakes, the ice season was up to 12 weeks shorter compared to the 2004-13 average.