Lady Emma Hamilton

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Noun1.Lady Emma Hamilton - English beauty who was the mistress of Admiral Nelson (1765-1815)
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I recommend Olivia Rose Austin, Munstead Wood, Boscobel, Queen of Sweden and Lady Emma Hamilton.
FAVOURITES From left, Queen of Sweden, Lady Emma Hamilton, Munstead Wood
The full Nelson FOLLOW in the footsteps of Lord Nelson and set up a secret rendezvous with your beloved at The Gun, Docklands - the meeting point for the famous officer and his mistress Lady Emma Hamilton.
13 ( ANI ): A letter written by Admiral Lord Nelson to his mistress Lady Emma Hamilton is set to be auctioned in London on November 13.
Now owner the National Trust has suggested the spot where Admiral Horatio Nelson wooed lover Lady Emma Hamilton is the best in Wales for alfresco dining.
One of the best known stories was about visitors to the island, British flag officer, Lord Nelson and his lover, Lady Emma Hamilton.
More upwardly mobile than a helium-filled bouncy castle, and far more fun in the tumbling department for aristocratic admirers, Lady Emma Hamilton was England's first superstar and pioneer MAW (model, actress, whatever).
The affair between Admiral Horatio Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton - the daughter of a Wirral blacksmith - endured until Nelson's untimely death.
A brilliant historical novel, it reinvents Nelson the killer, Nelson the superpatriot, Nelson the champion of duty yet simultaneously the super-individualist disobeying his commandant's orders (and getting away with it), and of course Nelson the impregnator of the stunning wife of the British Ambassador at Naples, Lady Emma Hamilton, who bore him a daughter inevitably named Horatia.
The locket, dating to the time Nelson had a scandalous affair with Lady Emma Hamilton, has a 'N' on the front for Nelson and is inscribed with the date August 1, 1798 - the first day of the Battle of the Nile.
The original summer house was demolished in 1958 and replaced with the Nelson Pavilion to commemorate the visit by the Admiral, his lover Lady Emma Hamilton and her husband Sir William during a trip to the nearby Kymin naval college.
He then began a torrid affair with married Lady Emma Hamilton.