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Noun1.Coccinellidae - the ladybugs
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
lady beetle, ladybeetle, ladybird, ladybird beetle, ladybug - small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests
genus Adalia, Adalia - genus of ladybugs
Epilachna, genus Epilachna - genus of ladybugs native to Mexico and Central America; both larvae and adults feed on plants
genus Hippodamia, Hippodamia - genus of ladybugs
genus Rodolia, genus Vedalia, Rodolia - genus of Australian ladybugs
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The 200 Lady Bug and 200 Heart Pup Pillow Pets were delivered in time for the Tomorrow's Children holiday party, December 6, 2014.
They go on nature hunts round the school grounds, we have snail and lady bug mazes, it's brilliant," said Ms Brownrigg.
And that's why lady bug beetles, cluster flies, stink bugs and other fall seasonal invaders pose such a threat to food processing facilities.
He tries out several gauche methods, from putting her in an affectionate headlock - which he says always works for his more popular brother - to offering her a lady bug "because it has such a pretty pattern on its back, see?
It twines around trees and shrubs and is easily recognized by its seeds, which are usually black and red and resemble a lady bug.
V Lady Bug are due to arrive on Sunday 6th November 2011.
Other events for the girls included dressing up for the school, making lady bug, throwing balls into the basket and banana eating contest.
She also has a lifelike bee on her hat and readers will find several other insects (grasshopper, lady bug and butterflies) on her costume even before they search for the cat.
Catch the lady bug If the kids start playing up I could learn a few tips from Ladette To Lady (STV, Tuesday, 10.
IN THE PINK Glenda Gilson RACE ACE Rosemary Ryan EXHAUSTED Tired but proud LADY BUG Laura Winter COOL RUNNINGS Dublin Fire Brigade keep runners cool in Donnybrook village GIRL POWER Flora Women's Mini Marathon starts in Dublin yesterday
Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson celebrated his Oscar win with a few Lady Bug rings from the Love Bug collection.
A cute Australian product is also on display at the Wheely Bug Toys booth featuring children's rides in two sizes and various themes -- bumble bee, cow, lady bug, tiger and mouse.