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An' for sure hoo did--as aw stood behoint her, watchin slice after slice o' th' beef an pie disappearin' loike th' picters in a panaramo, till aw'll go to sae iv there wor a smoite ov other laft.
Un a itlichs Haus is euch a Schluhs Every house is a palace too Un guldig ganz un gar; And golden through and through Der best Wei laft in jeden Fluhs, The best wine flows in every stream Drum rumm wochst Zuckerwaar, Sugar candy grows all around Un wie die Faust stenn die Rosie And big as fists the raisins hang Un Stauden dart, mer laft nar hie On bushes there, just walk up to them.
Apologies for a selfinflicted dismissal in a Test that ended in a tense draw, with the late Colin Cowdrey prepared to bat left-handed because of a broken laft arm encased in plaster?
English National Mix Pairs Championship at Egham, Surrey: Quarter-finals: M Gozna and T Barnes (Portishead RBL) bt M Smith and S Shanley (Sutton) 21-16, S Hall and H Wilmot (Cambridge Chesterton) bt C Beahan (Windsor Great Park) and C Fairbrother (Sunningdale) 20-18, E and A Islands (Blaby) bt C Cunningham and J Laft (Putney Town) 20-17, S and M Brackley (Roebuck) bt S Foster and G Brookes (Saffron Walden) 22-11.
That laft Eastman floored in his bid to become the king of middleweight boxing but he has vowed he will be ready next time - if there is one.
The Yankee soldier, Remus says, "'wouldn't never laft dat day ef he'd know'd de wukkins er Remus's mine'" (Songs and Sayings 183).
The lady implies that if our narrator does not follow the Leaf, she will suffer the fate that befalls those loyal to the Flower during the hailstorm: The narrator has already seen how "the wind began so sturdily to blow / That down goeth all the floures everichone / So that in all the mede ther laft not one" (362-64).
Sithen to Wayhour [Guinevere] warly he went; He laft in here warde his worthly wight.
Tenders are invited for Laying of 8 o/d u-pvc line in laft out area,along the choe in village lahora,u.