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An ancient city of Sumer in southern Mesopotamia. It flourished c. 2400 bc and after the fall of Akkad (c. 2180) enjoyed a classical revival noted for its sculpture and literature.


(ˈleɪ gæʃ)

an ancient Sumerian city between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, at the modern village of Telloh in SE Iraq.
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The history of international agreements goes back a long time - several millennia ago, two Sumerian city-states Lagash and Ummah concluded an agreement that put an end to the dispute over water in the Tigris River and which is often called the earliest known international treaty in the water sphere in the history of mankind.
During her tour of the museum grounds, Bhandari examined prominent masterpieces including an ancient Nepalese statue of Maitreya dating back to 11001200, a statue of Gudea, Prince of Lagash from Musee du Louvre, the Winged dragon, a statue of a Dancing Shiva, and Fountain of Light by contemporary artist Ai Weiwei.
The group paid particular attention to a statue of Maitreya, a Buddha from the Malla dynasty in Nepal dating back to 1100-1200, a statue of Gudea, prince of Lagash from Muse du Louvre, the Winged dragon, a statue of Dancing Shiva and Fountain of Light by renowned Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei.
D, Antinoopolis, Bactrian Princess statue - end of third or beginning of second millennium BC Central Asia, a statue of Gudea, the Prince of Lagash, from the Neo-Sumerian period, 2125 - 2110 BC in Ancient Girsu, now known as Iraq, as well as an ancient statue of the Sphinx, which dates back to the 6th century BC.
One of the first in recorded history erupted around 4,500 years ago, when the city-state of Lagash -- nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern-day Iraq -- diverted water from its neighbor, Umma.
Mosul / NINA / The International Coalition aircraft bombed a secret bank to Daash in Bab Lagash area in the center of Mosul, according to local residents.
In these inscriptions, we find repeated references to Gudea's purification of Lagash.
1976): The Erin-people in Lagash of Ur III Times, Revue assyriologique 70, 9-44.
Entre estos acuerdos se encuentran el tratado "Eannatum Rey de Lagash en Mesopotamia y Umma en el ano 3100 a.
Like the people of Lagash in Isaac Asimov's sci-fi story Nightfall, there is no guarantee that our technology can replace the profound perspective that the stars offer our species.
Although the statue of King Entemena of Lagash (left) was found and returned to the Government of Iraq in 2006, some 7,000 to 10,000 artifacts remain missing.