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 (lə-grānj′, -gränj′, lä-gräNzh′), Comte Joseph Louis 1736-1813.
French mathematician and astronomer. He developed the calculus of variations (1755) and made a number of other contributions to the study of mechanics.


(French laɡrɑ̃ʒ)
(Biography) Comte Joseph Louis (ʒozɛf lwi). 1736–1813, French mathematician and astronomer, noted particularly for his work on harmonics, mechanics, and the calculus of variations
Lagrangian adj


(ləˈgreɪndʒ, -ˈgrɑndʒ, -ˈgrɑ̃ʒ)

Joseph Louis, Comte, 1736–1813, French mathematician and astronomer.
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most Lagrangian studies involve large objects, such as large birds or
Lagrangian and Eulerian solvers are available to enable modelling of both structures and fluids (DYTRAN: User's Guide 2012).
5 million kilometres from the Earth known as the L2 Lagrangian point.
5 million km beyond Earth's orbit known as the L2 Lagrangian point.
Vrancken: Characterizing warped-product Lagrangian immersions in complex projective space, Proc.
So, the Lagrangian geometry is the geometrical study of the sequence of inclusions:
N]-action is a Lagrangian torus by the Arnold-Liouville theorem.
4] Lagrangian point, thereby leading the Earth in its orbit around the Sun.
A new method used Abaqus' Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL) capability, simulating a volume of air (the Eulerian domain) interacting via a blast wave with the structure of the HMMWV and OGPK (the Lagrangian domain).
Devoted to the study of the classical and quantum dynamics of physics theories where the Lagrangian exhibits local (gauge) symmetries, the purpose of this text is to both introduce this field of constrained dynamical systems and provide tools for quantizing such systems.
This paper considers these questions by looking at the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of classical mechanics.
We refer to the function L as to the Lagrangian for the above problem.

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