Lagrangian point

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La·gran·gi·an point

Astronomy Any of five points in the orbital plane of two bodies, one of which is much larger than the other, at which a third, even smaller body will remain in gravitational equilibrium. Bodies located at Lagrangian points appear stationary with respect to the larger two bodies. Also called Lagrange point.

[After Comte Joseph Louis Lagrange.]

Lagrangian point

(Astronomy) astronomy one of five points in the plane of revolution of two bodies in orbit around their common centre of gravity, at which a third body of negligible mass can remain in equilibrium with respect to the other two bodies
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The final step will be to integrate the telescope onto the spacecraft and test the fully assembled observatory before it is launched to orbit the Sun at the L2 Lagrangian point, 1.
Aditya-L1 mission is aimed at studying the Sun from an orbit around the Sun-Earth Lagrangian point 1 (L1) which is about 1.
org/wiki/Lagrangian_point) Lagrangian Point 1 (L1) is a point in space about 85 percent of the way from Earth to the moon, where the force of Earth's gravity would exactly equal the force of the moon's gravity pulling in the other direction.
5 million kilometres from the Earth known as the L2 Lagrangian point.
5 million km beyond Earth's orbit known as the L2 Lagrangian point.
4] Lagrangian point, thereby leading the Earth in its orbit around the Sun.
Herschel, which relies on infrared light to peer into the universe, should reach its final orbit in November around a point in space known as the second Lagrangian point, which astronomers generally refer to as L2.
Satellites, (located upstream at the L1 Lagrangian point --where the Earth's and the sun's gravity cancel each other), monitoring the solar wind can yield predictions up to an hour in advance.
Michael Mann's film Ali explores the complexities of life in a Lagrangian point, with forces pulling him between champion boxer and cultural icon.
2] Lagrangian point, a gravitational "neutral zone" about 1.
LISA Pathfinders destination is an orbit around the first Sun-Earth Lagrangian point L1.
pdf) Indian government's annual budget  that earmarked funds for an upcoming mission to Venus, a Mars orbiter mission, and the Aditya 1 mission, which seeks to place a spacecraft in the Lagrangian point L1 - a point of equilibrium that lies between Earth and the sun.