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A thin unleavened flatbread of Armenian origin.

[Ultimately (partly via Persian lavaš Turkish lavaş) from Armenian lavaš, variant of loš, from medieval Armenian lawš; perhaps from Armenian *law-, flat (compare modern Armenian dialectal lavaz, very thin) + -aš, noun suffix, or perhaps of Semitic origin and akin to Syriac layšā, lump of dough (from lāš, to knead; akin to Akkadian lâšu, Ge'ez losa, and Hebrew lāš, to knead).]


a soft and very thin flatbread of Armenian origin
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Lay lahvosh on a work surface with longest sides parallel to
Starting with bottom edge, roll up each lahvosh and press
The appetizer is a tapenade-style blend (chopped, not pureed) of sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, feta cheese, pine nuts, artichoke hearts and a hint of chili served with lahvosh cracker bread, which is a nice touch.
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NOTES: You can buy soft lahvosh or flatbread in oval or rectangular pieces at many well-stocked supermarkets and in markets that carry Middle Eastern ingredients.
2 pieces soft lahvosh or flatbread (about 13 by 18 in.
Place one piece of lahvosh on a sheet of plastic wrap.
It's very versatile, and good spooned on soft lahvosh or cucumbers, brushed over meats during the last few minutes of barbecuing, even melted and poured over ice cream.
Lahvosh (the bakery's brand of cracker bread) is sold in many sizes and shapes, from rounds to hearts.