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n. & v.1.See Lack.
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Lakke riputati silmusega kois ja soovitati Stalini esindajale seda enda suhtes kasutusele votta.
Wednesday began with conference president and Danish environment minister Connie Hedegaard resigning from her post and Danish Prime Minister Lars Lakke Rasmussen taking over.
Some examples are: in fantasyes fell, tristis in trayne, in hym trowe or triste, in forges any feloune, in his baptyme John, take tente; lerned lelly in youre lay, my maisterpat neuere lakke in lay, in oghtat euere vs may availe.
Pages 73-83 in: Parenteral Drug Therapy in Spasticity and Parkinson's Disease, Lakke JP, Delhaas EM, Rutgers AW (editors).
In West Germany Unilever's Iglo brand has seen some stern competition from the Frosta label, but this writer knows that his old colleagues, Werner Kook and Leo Lakke, the respective chairman and marketing director of Langnese-Iglo, are very experienced professionals who will be tough competition for all comers.
The Laud Troy Book clearly promises a detailed and a thorough treatment of the deeds of every hero, "off alle here dedis schal lakke non" (1.
and so wel shall lakke no payementes eche in other's necke, God send me monney to discharge all.