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A town of northern Ethiopia east-southeast of Gondar. It is noted for its 11 churches hewn from volcanic bedrock, dating to the 12th and 13th centuries.
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The mountain-top restaurant in the remote village of Lalibela is the best in the whole of the east African country on a top travel review website.
But Ethiopia has plans, including to build a far more powerful observatory in the northern mountains around Lalibela, far from city lights.
The grant aims to promote socio-economic advancement through diversification of tourism and cultural attractions in Gonder, through establishing facilities for cultural promotion in Lalibela, through diversifying handicrafts towards market-oriented production and through capacity.
Kuoni's trips feature Lalibela, the low-key capital Addis Ababa, the towns of Gondar and Bahir Dar, the Bale Mountains National Park and the Simien Mountains National Park.
A honey factory is being built in the tourist city of Lalibela.
Kuoni currently offer a ninenight Highlights of Northern Ethiopia tour, including a city tour of Addis Ababa, and trips to the Blue Nile Falls, Lake Tana, Gondar, Lalibela and the Bale Mountains National Park.
It opened officially on 10th December 2014 and another observatory is already planned for construction at Lalibela, home to Ethiopia's famous rock-hewn churches.
Walking into St Peter's Church in Hudders-field you would have been forgiven for thinking you were in Lalibela or Adwa in northern Ethiopia.
Wilding frequently adopts unusually high viewpoints: Ruff (2010) has links to her discovery of the buried rock-cut churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia in which the ground hides its architectural treasure.
Lalibela is a small town in northern Ethiopia, built on the side of a mountain in the Lasta district.
Where archaeological monuments are all too often valued by governments for their perceived economic potential through the tourist industry, the threats posed by unmanaged touristic development may be grave, not least at Lalibela.
1 THE CHURCHES OF LALIBELA, ETHIOPIA In the late twelfth century, with the route to Jerusalem blocked, King Lalibela set out to represent this holy city in the mountains of northern Ethiopia.