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 (lăl′ən) also Lal·lans (-ənz)
n. Scots
1. The Lowlands of Scotland.
2. Scots as spoken in southern and eastern Scotland.

[Scots, alteration of lowland.]

Lal′lan adj.


(ˈlæl ən)

adj. Scot.
of or belonging to the Lallans.
[1775–85; Scots form of lowland]
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Maharaniganj ( sataipurwa/ranijot ) main lallan yadav ke makan evam dayaram nau ke makan tak nali nirman evam repairing tatha cross drain nirman kary
The ceremony was addressed among by Manzoor Ujjan, Prof Barkat Baloch, Sayed Akbar Shah Bukhari, Taj Sarohi, Hubdar Jagirani, Dr Aijaz Samo, Sayed Parveez Ali Shah, Jam Muhbat Ali Sahitto , Lallan Chano, Murtiza Phull, Altaf Abbasi, Mohammad Sharif Abalbasi, Altaf Raja, Cheezal Jamro, Qasim Malik, Fakir Phallio, Sayed Ghayour Shah, Mir Mutriza Shaikh, Jam Mehdi Raza Sahito, Jam Mehboob Sahitto, Mehrab Gabool, Owais Shah, Zohaib Soomro, Cheezal Jamro, Ali Gul Mallah and others.
Stirring the administrative head, Minister of Water Resources, Lallan Singh said, "The dam broke due to release of water in full capacity.
He tried to turn Benteke into that, a player who would co find the back of the nno goal in 2016 and a prolonged spell on thsuggests it was not a successful experimeThen, he turned to putting the creative dCoutinho and Lallan him.
Devi, Santa N, T Jeetenkumar Singh, Ksh Birendra, Lallan Prasad, Th Shanti; HIV and TB coinfection (A study from RIMS hospital Manipur), JIACM 2005; 6(3): 220-3.
We have arrested 24 people including cyber cafe owner Lallan Shah, manager Niranjan and 11 couples.
Shahi and Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lallan Singh, were sacked by the former chief minister.
An instance etched in his mind, among many other similar ones of course, is one that relates to his friend Lallan.
We mixed a little bit of culture along the way, attending an enthralling drumming concert by the famous Ten Drum group, a workshop on tribal culture by the hilarious country gentleman named Lallan of the Pangcah tribe, a sub-tribe of the more famous Amis tribe, hitting a pebble beach with crystal clear waters, and dining at the surprisingly fancy tribal Amis restaurant.
Lallan Singh (Bachchan) belonged to the streets of Kolkata and is no stranger to extreme emotions.
Addressing a state-level Socialist Karyakarta Milan Samaroh at the SK Memorial Hall, Lallan said nobody had ever thought that both the brothers, who are products of a socialist movement, would disintegrate the society for their political gains.