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A beer of Belgian origin made from malted barley and unmalted wheat that is fermented by naturally occurring airborne yeast and often flavored with fruit.

[Belgian French, from Dutch lambiek, lambik, perhaps from alteration of Lembeek, name of a village near Brussels, Belgium, or from alteration of Dutch (bier) alambiek, (beer from an) alembic (perhaps in reference to the alembiclike shape of the brewing vat), translation of French bière alambic : bière, beer + alambic, alembic (from Old French; see alembic).]


a. a type of Belgian beer brewed with raw wheat and wild yeast in wooden casks, and fermented for at least a year
b. (as modifier): Lambic beers.
[C20: probably from Lembeek a town near Brussels]
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From floral IPAs to rich porters and stouts, and tart lambic ales to gluten-free options, there is a beer for every taste.
Lou Pepe Framboise is an absolute perfect balance of sour funky wild fermented Lambic and big bright fruit.
Trappist, Lambic, and Porter) all the while seeking to answer the question: "Where did those styles, those flavors--where did beer itself--come from in the first place?
Though true lambic can be made only in Belgium, Gabriel Gordon has built quite the homage to this style of beer at Beachwood Blendery.
This applies both to the existing virtual city centers (North, CITY, Hageland, Airport, Green Ridge, Brabant Kouters, Lambic, ADD IT) and for the yet to be established virtual center cities.
Moeder Lambic, not far from the Manneken, was also recommended for its beer selection and good food.
Raspberry Lambic Caramel Thumbprint Cookies is a buttery shortbread filled with a perfect dollop of tart raspberry lambic caramel sauce, with a dash of sea salt.
Many of them are in Belgium, where lambic beer is a beloved style.
50 per bottle), this promises "the dry tartness of a lambic paired with autumn spices".
There's a great range to tickle your sour taste buds, including lambic, gueze, berliner weisse, gose, faro and more.
For at least six months, the pulp of morello cherries matures in a sour lambic beer, this is then blended with an older lambic beer to produce this beer.
Proportion implies limitation and determination; that which is infinitely elastic is certainly formless and probably nonexistent, lambic pentameter has proven itself over the centuries to be that measure best proportioned to the rhythms of our language (Steele, All the Fun's in How You Say a Thing 8-12; Fussell 41, 52); the very observation of that proportion gives off a certain light of its own, for it shows that how a poem speaks matters.