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A beer of Belgian origin made from malted barley and unmalted wheat that is fermented by naturally occurring airborne yeast and often flavored with fruit.

[Belgian French, from Dutch lambiek, lambik, perhaps from alteration of Lembeek, name of a village near Brussels, Belgium, or from alteration of Dutch (bier) alambiek, (beer from an) alembic (perhaps in reference to the alembiclike shape of the brewing vat), translation of French bière alambic : bière, beer + alambic, alembic (from Old French; see alembic).]


a. a type of Belgian beer brewed with raw wheat and wild yeast in wooden casks, and fermented for at least a year
b. (as modifier): Lambic beers.
[C20: probably from Lembeek a town near Brussels]
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Many of them are in Belgium, where lambic beer is a beloved style.
For at least six months, the pulp of morello cherries matures in a sour lambic beer, this is then blended with an older lambic beer to produce this beer.
I went for a Chapeau Banana lambic beer, from Belgium's De Troch brewery.
Mateo is the cheesemaker, Andy manages their herd of dairy cows, and together with their wives, Victoria and Angela, they make three award-winning cheese varieties: Baley Hazen Blue, a luscious and creamy blue named for an old military road that traverses the northeast region of Vermont; Constant Bliss, a soft-ripening cheese based on a recipe for Chaource; and a seasonal washed-rind cheese called Winnimere that is washed with a locally made Lambic beer.
Belgian brewery Timmermans won the speciality category with its strawberry lambic beer and British brewery BrewDog won the lager category with its Scream beer.
The fruit beer Kriek, a lambic beer made using yeasts naturally present in the air to ferment it, was like drinking cherryade.
There is also the lambic beer typical of the Netherlands, which is made from barley malt (50-70%) and raw wheat (30-50%), fermented from spontaneous yeast, and sometimes flavored with different fruits.
Lindemans Framboise - Another Best Brews pick, this raspberry fruit flavored Belgian lambic beer that is fermented in Belgium and yummy on any occasion.
For him, try a temptingly fruity Belgian lambic beer, Lindemans Framboise with its hefty addition of raspberries (widely available, around pounds 2).
Liefmans Kriek is a cherry beer based on brown ale; Belle Vue Kriek is based on the Lambic beer style.
Inspired by wine protection systems, such as the French AOC system (Appellation d'Origine Controlee), these European 'Designation of Quality' products--like thick, rich clotted cream from the United Kingdom, fruity Lambic beer from Belgium and smooth, buttery olive oil from Spain--help to preserve the integrity, traditions, production methods and regional flavors of Europe.
SBS founder Alan Shapiro reports that Reinaert Wild Ale is a golden ale which gets its name from the use of a strain of brettanomyces-similar to the "wild yeast" used in lambic beer production.