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A beer of Belgian origin made from malted barley and unmalted wheat that is fermented by naturally occurring airborne yeast and often flavored with fruit.

[Belgian French, from Dutch lambiek, lambik, perhaps from alteration of Lembeek, name of a village near Brussels, Belgium, or from alteration of Dutch (bier) alambiek, (beer from an) alembic (perhaps in reference to the alembiclike shape of the brewing vat), translation of French bière alambic : bière, beer + alambic, alembic (from Old French; see alembic).]


a. a type of Belgian beer brewed with raw wheat and wild yeast in wooden casks, and fermented for at least a year
b. (as modifier): Lambic beers.
[C20: probably from Lembeek a town near Brussels]
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Not quite a true sour as some of the Belgian Lambics are but a fruity and refreshing beer nonetheless.
Sometimes made with added fruit, lambics are produced in what looks like an ancient manner.
There's a lot to choose from in the beer world, like pilsners, India pale ales (IPAs), Belgian ales and lambics, and stouts.
He loves his beer pilgrimages to Belgium, "trying their various lambics - beer fermented with wild yeast".
In this tour of ales, he leads readers through the origins and characteristics of hearty wheat beers, smooth lagers and fruity lambics with notes on home brewing and tips on pairing beer with food.
Frank Boon will not be making a pils, he will continue to make great lambics.
Brett-infused beers take on a funky farmyard-like aroma and flavour and in Belgium, traditional farmhouse beers and lambics such as Cantillon depend heavily on Brett for their unique character.
Classic Belgian Kriek beers - known as lambics and fermented with wild yeast and cherries for extra flavour - have been made since the early 20th century and are renowned for their distinctive "sour" taste.
Clone recipes and fruit beers, rye beers, or lambics are excluded.
offering 300 different ales, lagers, lambics and other exotic beers, as well as 100 wines, organic chocolate and loose-leaf teas.
And if one of those serious brews doesn't do it for you, feel free to order from a list of 156 lagers, wheat beers, ales and lambics in bottles large and small.
If it's a lighter fruit-based dessert, think German hefeweizens (Weihenstephan makes a great one) or the Lindemans fruit lambics.