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Noun1.Lambis - scorpion shells of shallow tropical waters of the eastern hemisphere
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
family Strombidae, Strombidae - the family of conchs
scorpion shell - any of numerous tropical marine snails that as adults have the outer lip of the aperture produced into a series of long curved spines
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The band -- Orestis and Lysandros Falireas, Alexis Arapatsakos, Giannis Diskos, Periklis Aliopis, Lambis Kountourogiannis, Stelios Provis, MC Yinka, and Rena Morfi -- captivate the music scene with the sounds of Greece from the turn of the century until the early 1950s.
Lambis (7) and appropriately modify or create (as it is unknown whether they even have such policy) (8) their policies to require warrants.
00), the incontournable Patrick Chamoiseau offers a seriesof meandering philosophical reflections on death (composed in the form of largely one-way conversations with his eldest sister, La Baronne)--centered on that of their mother, Man Ninotte, replete with numerous, often touching childhood reminiscences, but quickly turning to such subjects as wakes, conteurs, zombies, gravediggers, the eruption of Mont Pelee, conques de lambis, marronage and resistance, bele, l'esprit jazz, the Middle Passage, and the history of humanity, with multiple nods to Glissant, la Relation and le Tout-monde.
Marios Lambis, defending, handed in a large number of character references, adding Suleman had undertaken much charitable work.
Marios Lambis, defending, said: "When he was initially charged his solicitor regrettably passed away in the midst of the proceedings, and for a while someone else took over who he did not feel had the same grasp of his case.
We utilize the method of geometric morphometrics in this study to be able to understand the extent of variations in the juvenile shapes of Lambis lambis, a strombid gastropod found to have phenotypic variations in the shells in terms of banding patterns and qualitative variations in the shape of the shells.
Presenting officer Marios Lambis said: "With that rather startling and worrying information brought to her, the registrant Mrs Kenworthy simply told Mrs Peel that Ms C, the aunt, should talk to someone if she had concerns about the child.
Camera (color, HD, widescreen), Dimitris Stambolis; editor, Lambis Haralambidis; music, the Prefabricated Quartet; art director, costume designer, Ioulia Stavridou; sound (Dolby Digital), Vangelis Zelkas.
Lambis of Lampeter can be found in the charming university and market town nestling in the Mid TeifiValley on the west Wales border of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire.
Marios Lambis, counsel for the GSCC, said Peter's death was "an eminently avoidable tragedy" which could have been prevented if the two social workers had done their jobs properly.