laminar flow

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laminar flow

Nonturbulent flow of a viscous fluid in layers near a boundary, as that of lubricating oil in bearings.

laminar flow

(General Physics) nonturbulent motion of a fluid in which parallel layers have different velocities relative to each other. Compare turbulent flow See also streamline flow

lam′inar flow′

the flow of a viscous fluid in which particles of the fluid move in parallel layers, each of which has a constant velocity but is in motion relative to its neighboring layers.

lam·i·nar flow

Movement of a fluid in which the motion of the particles of fluid is very orderly and all particles move along straight lines in the same direction. Laminar flow is common in viscous fluids, especially those moving at low velocities. Compare turbulent flow.
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Noun1.laminar flow - nonturbulent streamline flow in parallel layers (laminae)
streamline flow - flow of a gas or liquid in which the velocity at any point is relatively steady
écoulement laminaire
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Note how the graph has a steep slope in the laminar-flow range (Reynolds numbers 250-2500).
Laminar-flow wings, such as the newly unveiled prototypes, have thinner leading edges than conventional aerofoils.
OWe will use the computer results for future aerodynamic wing designs, for further developments in laminar-flow technology.