Lamna nasus

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Noun1.Lamna nasus - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and PacificLamna nasus - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and Pacific
mackerel shark - fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks
genus Lamna, Lamna - a genus of Lamnidae
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Reproduction, embryonic development, and growth of the porbeagle shark, Lamna nasus, in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
Along with blue sharks, porbeagles - Lamna nasus in Latin - are the most common species of shark in UK waters.
With the exceptions of Porbeagle, Lamna nasus, that had been targeted in the early 1960's off New England (Campana et al.
Shortfin mako, Isurus oxyrinchus, and porbeagle, Lamna nasus, associated with longline swordfish fishery in NW and N Spain.
In addition to life history characteristics, night sharks exhibit population parameters that fall between those of the blue and porbeagle, Lamna nasus, sharks.