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a.1.Being without a lamp, or without light; hence, being without appreciation; dull.
Your ladies' eyes are lampless to that virtue.
- Beau. & Fl.
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Then he could, as seemed to him, most intimately wander and wait, linger and listen, feel his fine attention, never in his life before so fine, on the pulse of the great vague place: he preferred the lampless hour and only wished he might have prolonged each day the deep crepuscular spell.
Tenders are invited for LEDs, diodes, resistors, lampless
Lampless projectors are coming to the forefront, eliminating the hassle and expense of changing lamps every 3,000 to 4,000 hours of use.
The second chariot is guided by a spirit with the "dove-like eyes of hope," although Panthea notes a more sinister aspect to this spirit when she describes it as "Lur[ing] winged insects" to their destruction "through the lampless air" (II.
And balances--down the lampless darkness they came,