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 (dā′ăk′) or Dy·ak (dī′-)
n. pl. Dayak or Day·aks also Dyak or Dy·aks
1. A member of any of various Indonesian peoples inhabiting Borneo.
2. The language of the Dayak.

[Dayak Daya, Dayaq, upcountry (sense uncertain), Dayak.]


n, pl -aks or -ak
(Peoples) a variant spelling of Dyak


or Dy•ak

(ˈdaɪ æk, -ək)

n., pl. -aks, (esp. collectively) -ak.
a member of any of a number of peoples inhabiting the interior of S and E Indonesian Borneo and S Sarawak.
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1954 The Land Dayaks of Sarawak--A Report on a Social Economic Survey of the Land Dayaks of Sarawak Presented to the Colonial Social Science Research Council.
The Malaysian definition for the term 'Dayak' is provided by Article 161 A of the Malaysian Constitution whereby 'Dayak' refers specifically to two native groups in Sarawak, namely the Ibans or Sea Dayaks and the Bidayuhs or Land Dayaks.
Above: Land Dayaks, or Bidayuh, with long blow pipes, Sarawak, 1896.
Geddes, The Land Dayaks of Sarawak (London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1954); and H.
collected by the Land Dayaks (Bidayuh) under their governance, as well as antimony ore.
In between filming The Land Dayaks of Borneo and The Souls of the Rice, Geddes produced a film on his research among the Blue Miao of Thailand, which Gardner refers to as presenting "the delicacy, even musicality, of Miao life.

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