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 (dā′ăk′) or Dy·ak (dī′-)
n. pl. Dayak or Day·aks also Dyak or Dy·aks
1. A member of any of various Indonesian peoples inhabiting Borneo.
2. The language of the Dayak.

[Dayak Daya, Dayaq, upcountry (sense uncertain), Dayak.]


n, pl -aks or -ak
(Peoples) a variant spelling of Dyak


or Dy•ak

(ˈdaɪ æk, -ək)

n., pl. -aks, (esp. collectively) -ak.
a member of any of a number of peoples inhabiting the interior of S and E Indonesian Borneo and S Sarawak.
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Wallace was, after all, a passionate champion of the developmental Brooke regime, with its capacity to promote human population growth, specifically for the Land Dyaks of Sarawak, through ameliorating the condition of women.
Consider, for example, societies such as the Eskimo tribes of the North American Arctic, Pygmies in Zaire, the Yurok of North America, the Ifugao of the Philippines, the Land Dyaks of Sarawak, the Kuikuru of South America, the Kabyle Berbers of Algeria, the Massims of East Paupo-Melanesia, and the Santals of India--none of which had governments (Leeson forthcoming).
The Land Dyaks who had been persecuted and hunted by the Sea Dyaks lived in the mountains.