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n.1.In Ireland, a combination of tenant farmers and other, organized, with Charles Stewart Parnell as president, in 1879 with a view to the reduction of farm rents and a reconstruction of the land laws.
The Land League, of which Michael Davitt was the founder, originated in Mayo in August, and at a Dublin in October the organization was extended to all Ireland, with Parnell as president.
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There was William Rooney's popular ballad "The Men of the West" that promised the West would rise again, and the promotion of the agrarian reform that was initiated by the founding of the Land League in County Mayo by Michael Davitt in 1879.
He had fought for Irish tenant farmers facing eviction in the 1800s as a founder of the Land League.
Heather Laird, working in the mode of Subaltern Studies, so brilliantly pioneered in Irish Studies by David Lloyd, reveals the systematic resistance to the official legal system in Ireland by Repeal, Ribbon Association, Land League, National League, United Irish League, and Dail courts, in terms of an indigenous alternative legality.
He also supported various nationalist causes and organisations such as the Land League and Home Rule.
THE LAND LEAGUE MOVEMENT in Ireland and America in the early 1880s had an enormous impact on the history of Ireland and Irish America.
O hOgartaigh suggests that Mayo-born Kathleen Lynn's radical political views may have been influenced by the activities of the Land League and Michael Davitt as well as the events of the Land War.
At the start of a two-day trip, Mrs McAleese unveiled a plaque and attended an exhibition in honour of Land League founder Davitt in Hasling-den, Lancashire, where he lived from 1853 to 1867.
Moore is vituperative about the Land League, which was emboldening the peasants to challenge the security on which his leisure depended.
PRESIDENT Mary McAleese is to mark the centenary of the death of Land League founder Michael Davitt next month with a visit to the UK.
Moloney points out that colonization, like temperance was connected to Irish nationalism, particularly its Land League phase.
Meanwhile, Aberdeen chief executive Gordon Bennett last night apologised to fans unable to land League Cup Final tickets.