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n.1.In Ireland, a combination of tenant farmers and other, organized, with Charles Stewart Parnell as president, in 1879 with a view to the reduction of farm rents and a reconstruction of the land laws.
The Land League, of which Michael Davitt was the founder, originated in Mayo in August, and at a Dublin in October the organization was extended to all Ireland, with Parnell as president.
- Encyc. Brit.
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We've got a couple of tricky jumps cards at Southwell and Fakenham and the only runner who stands out across the two meetings is Land League in the Weatherbys Racing Bank Handicap Chase (3.
Reagan Turnbull in action for for Shilbottle in their Sportsworld North Nth/ land League clash with Alnwick Town Reserves.
And he's determined to finally land League Cup success with Hibs this season.
Dyna roddodd fod i'r Mayo Land League, ac yn fuan wedyn, roedd yr Irish Land League wedi ei sefydlu gyda Davitt yn ysgrifennydd a Parnell yn llywydd.
Charles Parnell, of the Irish National Land League, made a speech demanding the following: "Shun him on the roadside.
Wilk's book complements Ely Janis's A Greater Ireland: The Land League and Transatlantic Nationalism in Gilded America (2015), and it is a valuable addition to studies of transatlantic efforts for a united Ireland.
Janis notes perceptively that donation levels as well as the growth of the Ladies' Land League closely tracked events in Ireland, spiking after Michael Davitt's arrest and the subsequent passage of a coercion bill in February 1881 (144).
Cork County Sheriff Sinead McNamara, who was in the process of selling the family's herd of 1,000 cattle, secured injunctions against businessman Jerry Beades and his New Land League group.
And activists from the Irish Land League began a successful campaign of isolation against him, with local businesses refusing to take his money and postmen refusing to deliver his mail.
Musical three piece Three Acres and a Cow will cover historical moments such as the Norman Conquest and Peasants' Revolt, the Enclosures, the English Civil War, Irish Land League and the Industrial Revolution in their intimate show on April 15, which will take place at Edibles in West Slaithwaite.
The post Caballero the hero as Man City land League Cup appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
He focuses on the Irish National Land League, a transatlantic organization, to show how this Greater Ireland presented new opportunities for groups like the working class and women to contribute within Irish-American society, but ultimately limited the long-term participation of these groups in Irish-American nationalism.