Land ice

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a field of ice adhering to the coast, in distinction from a floe.

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In Antarctica, it's the ocean currents rather than air temperatures that melt the ice, and melted land ice contributes to higher sea levels in a way that melting icebergs don't, Harig said.
There are ongoing effects due to the last ice age, heating and expansion of the ocean due to global warming, changes in ocean circulation, and present-day melting of land ice, all of which result in unique patterns of sea-level change.
This year's science flights over Arctic sea and land ice will continue until May 22.
The contract is a comprehensive service to maintain cleanliness of the premises and land ICE Krakow Congress Centre.
Land ice is obviously a different story - its melting does add water to the oceans.
The new research found glaciers outside of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, repositories of 1 percent of all land ice, lost an average of 571 trillion pounds (259 trillion kilograms) of mass every year during the six-year study period, making the oceans rise 0.
There are a number of reasons why sea levels are rising, but the primary explanation is that warmer temperatures are melting land ice and pushing more water into the ocean.
Land ice on Earth: a beginning of a global synthesis.
With the retreat of sea ice and land ice, new, previously inaccessible areas are being revealed allowing for exploration in areas for the first time.
15) Mercer's warning seemed prescient when the Larsen ice shelf--which buttresses land ice on the Antarctic Peninsula to the north--began crumbling in 1995.
The 84 technical papers collected focus on the following issues: geoinformation and remote sensing; new sensors and instruments; image processing techniques; times series analysis and data fusion; imaging spectroscopy; urban remote sensing, land use, and land cover; radar remote sensing and laser imaging detection and ranging; land degradation and desertification; hydrology, land ice & snow, and coastal zones; forestry and agriculture; three-dimensional spatial analysis; and world heritage.
This award-winning documentary reveals many startling new scientific revelations such as penguin suicide, new vegetation growing in the world's largest desert, diminishing populations of land animals and marine life and the dangerously increasing melting of Antarctica's land ice.