Land of promise

in Bible history, Canaan: by extension, a better country or condition of which one has expectation.

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References in classic literature ?
He sang the creation of the world, the origin of man, and all the history of Genesis; and made many verses on the departure of the children of Israel out of Egypt, and their entering into the land of promise, with many other histories from holy writ.
The Egypt of one family was the Land of Promise to the family who saw it from a distance, till by residence there it became it turn their Egypt also; and so they changed and changed.
But the tang of the fir summons onward and upward to some 'far-off, divine event'--some spiritual peak of attainment whence we shall see with unfaltering, unclouded vision the spires of some aerial City Beautiful, or the fulfilment of some fair, fadeless land of promise.
The fair land of promise lately looming on the horizon is again enveloped in impenetrable mists, and for ever withdrawn from the eyes of a drifting wretch whose Doom is sealed!
The tide was adverse to making the expedition by water, and Wolfert was too impatient to get to the land of promise to wait for its turning; they set off, therefore, by land.
A few hundred years later, after Abraham's land of promise is settled by his descendants, Jephthah the judge is fully prepared to thwart his own future with the ritual murder of his only daughter.
As Soren Kierkegaard has put it, "By faith, Abraham went out from the land of his fathers and became a sojourner in the land of promise.
Under many slogans and justifications, Jewish people around Europe were convinced, manipulated and in many cases dragged or pushed to migrate to historical Palestine, which they were told is their land of promise and the land of their ancestors, despite the fact that they were Europeans, and Europe was their home and their ancestors lived and died there.
Two chapters that stand out are "Middle Eastern and North African Christianity," by Heather Sharkey, and "Christianity in North America: Changes and Challenges in a Land of Promise," by Kevin Christiano.
This will mean a decrease in poverty from the current level of 32 percent to 10 percent, and will catapult Latin America once and for all beyond its status as a land of promise.
In his illuminating new book, Land of Promise, the political historian Michael Lind celebrates the Hamiltonian tradition, but, in his telling, Hamiltonianism segues into something that looks like modern liberalism.
Michael Lind has written such a book in Land of Promise, a volume simultaneously scholarly and entertaining--bereft, blessedly, of graphs and equations.