Land service

military service as distinguished from naval service.

See also: Land

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The C studied documented evidence, including videotapes, testing of the Saudi Land Service Machinery and medical tests of Kumar.
It is similar to land service muskets in that it has a nearly 46-inch as opposed to 37-inch barrel and has a wide (land service style) buttstock.
Including these land service agreements and its own landmen and lease brokers, Chesapeake now has a substantial competitive advantage with over 750 landmen and lease brokers dedicated to acquiring additional undeveloped leasehold and surface drillsites in Tarrant County.
Contract award: on the state land service of geospatial data geospatial information systems software development and introduction of additional services.
Topographical and land services spread over the department of Charente-Maritime, required as part of the work whose waters union provides project management.
Capital invested in Holland's energy-affiliated land services business.
In addition to individual AREW members who served as Secret Santas, companies that met gift requests in the double digits included Horizon Land Services, Sun & Moon Marketing Communications, FXFOWLE, Day Pitney, Paramount Group, Zetlin & De Chiara and David Bradford Search.
North East Community Forest Land Services instead stepped in, funded by Groundwork South Tees and Beechwood Community Centre.
The Land Services section of the organisation, based in Middlesbrough and Darlington, relies on the dedication of volunteers to undertake tasks such as pond clearance, step building, tree planting and bird box conservation.
The purpose of the consultation is on topographic and land services and in particular:
Headquartered in Bridgeport, WV, MDE is the largest provider of land services to oil and gas companies east of the Mississippi.
05/2014, to be used on behalf of the regional department of rural development and land services, 17th, provincial office forestry authority of palermo.